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Coming up on Thursday, episode 5, this time the poem and the story relate to luck. Well, it’s certainly a bonus if you are lucky, I certainly have been in my life! This is an acknowledgement of the luck of being born in a particular place at a particular point in time. Hope you tune in and share the podcast.


Dissapointment comes to us all and we learn about it at a very early age, this is a personal poem and the discussion centres around the events that inspired the poem, this includes a singing opportunity and the dull realisation that a dream would never be realised. Such is life! Please comment or contribute, the aim is interaction!

Next episode

The next broadcast will be up on Saturday! From revolutions to revelations, this time it most certainly is related to dissapointment. The story includes a singing opportunity and the realisation that ‘flying’ would not be an unaided option! Remember to get in touch if you wish to contribute a poem and story.


Ok, I made a mistake! The third broadcast is not related to dissapointment, I don’t think that will dissapoint many! This episode relates to revolutions and was inspired by events in the middle east. The discussion centres around how recent events influenced my poem. Leave a comment or get in touch if you wish.

Unsung Heroes

Welcome to the second broadcast of the series Poetry Explained. In this episode I explore the often random sequence of events that can lead to a poem being written. There are those who have come before us and fought to make the world a better place and succeeded, today’s poem is a tribute to their efforts and an attempt to remember them as time passes and their stories dissapear to gather ‘dust upon the shelf’. Remember to get in touch should you wish to have your poem and the story behind it added to a future broadcast. Have a great weekend!

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The second broadcast will be posted on Friday 24th June. Just in time for the weekend! The title of the poem is Unsung Heroes and I explore the story behind the poem, which includes an unexpected gift from an unknown individual. Hope you have a listen and remember to get in touch if you have a poem and story you wish to share!

Reasons, reasons, reasons

Like many people I have always wanted to write a book. In fact, I have started three! One of my not so original ideas was to write a book of poetry and on the adjacent page tell the story behind the words to inform of how the poem came to be written. Again, like many others, my book is yet to be written, so on learning of podcasting I decided to make an audio version of the book I am yet to write. Whilst only really similiar in the idea behind it, this podcasts is an outlet for me to share my poetry and ramble on a bit about the stories behind the words. I hope others join me in reciting and explaining their poetry and encourage all to get in touch. This first episode relates to mistakes, repeated mistakes, well we’ve all made them!